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Why 3 v 3?

  • Players will learn to make reads instead of running sets

  • Players begin to see the game in “threes” and improve decision

  • Better movement without the ball

  • Better ball movement

  • Better spacing

  • Every player on the court matters – No more hiding in the corner !!!

  • Better defensive communication

  • Less “Plays” and more playmaking

  • Players have the ball in their hands more (See chart below)



PER 20 Minutes of Live Play


In a study done comparing 3 on 3 basketball vs 5 on 5 basketball the results show that a player is getting a significant more amount of reps when playing 3 on 3. It is clear that small sided games allow kids to be much more involved in the game and gain the repetition needed to grow their game and ultimately improve their confidence. 


The first 6 weeks of the academy will consist of the following:

  • 55 Minutes of specific movement skill sessions
    These skill sessions will have a strict curriculum designed to help the players learn different aspects of basketball that will translate to the live 3 on 3, and eventually to their 5 on 5 games.

  • 35 minutes of specific movement 3 on 3 live
    These specific live sessions will go hand in hand with the skill sessions the players learned that week. Players will be put in different situations and places on the court and have to learn to make the right reads and plays with their teammates. This will be structured, but still allow players to have the creativity


  • The last 2 weeks will consist of a 3 on 3 league:

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